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Students have the right to make and sell all designs included in the Student Design Library, as well as any design element shown in hands-on tutorial for small business use only, with the purpose of making and selling jewellery made by them or by a small team of up to five people. Selling any of the designs or teaching others how to make the designs from the Student Design Library or design elements shown in hands-on video tutorials is strictly prohibited, unless an explicit written permission is given by the Wedding Crafts Academy.


All courses can be booked via our website https://enrollment.weddingcraftsacademy.com.

We reserve the right to accept or decline any application. The enrollment process is not finalised until you receive an e-mail from your tutor, confirming successful enrollment. A confirmation of payment does not guarantee your space on the course. In the unlikely case of the cancellation of your order, the course fee will be refunded.

You must be over 18 years old to enroll. If you would like to purchase a course but are not 18 years old, please contact the Wedding Crafts Academy by e-mail of by phone, stating which country you are based in.


We accept most major debit and credit cards. To enquire about alternative payment methods, please contact the academy on (0044+) 07938 236 497 or via e-mail hello@weddingcraftsacademy.com

Payment is required in full to access course materials.


If you decide not to study the course, you can cancel your enrollment within 15 calendar days after purchasing the course, without stating any reason, by contacting the academy via e-mail hello@weddingcraftsacademy.com. Confirmation of Order Cancellation will be sent via e-mail. The refund might be declined if you have accessed more than 15% of the study materials or downloaded images, documents or videos to your personal devices.


The first fifteen days of your study plan is called a discovery phase. During the discovery phase, you can decide whether this course is a good fit for you. You will have access to a discovery phase video and full module one.


Course duration is one year. Courses can be extended, at the discretion of the Wedding Crafts Academy. You can download all student files to your personal devices, and use them as life-long resources.


We strive to produce study materials in high quality but cannot guarantee that all study materials are 100% error free. We cannot be held liable for any errors or spelling mistakes.

The Wedding Crafts Academy does not provide any legal or financial advice. All tutorials are reviewed by a director but not by a qualified lawyer, an accountant or an auditor. It is the learner’s responsibility to ensure that their business is compliant with their local as well as international regulations.

Course materials can be accessed via your online student area and can be also downloaded to your computer, to be studied offline as PDF files, or offline videos.


The online student area can be accessed from https://students.weddingcraftsacademy.com

The online student area is protected by a username and a password. Your username and your password will be e-mailed to your during the enrollment process. You may not share these details with anyone else. We reserve the right to monitor IP addresses and might suspend an account if suspicious activity is detected, for example, if the account is accessed by different users at the same time.


Students are entitled to support from your tutor, in case they need further explanation of any of the hands-on techniques. You can send as many enquiries as you wish while studying, via students@weddingcraftsacademy.com The enquiries must be relevant to the study materials. The tutor will endeavour to reply within 48 hours. We reserve the right to extent this timescale due to any unforeseen circumstances or if the tutor is on holiday. You will be notified by e-mail if your tutor is away. Support cannot exceed thirty hours of the tutor’s time in total. This cap is for support upon request only, answering questions raised by the student. Any conversation started be the tutor, such as sending a welcome e-mail does not have any limitations. The tutor’s reply to your question might include text, photos or drawings, a video or an invitation for a zoom meeting.


Course assignment consists of a multiple question test and a written exercise that will demonstrate your knowledge of the course materials. You will also be required to send photos of handmade jewellery, as directed by your tutor.

Each assignment will be reviewed within ten working days. We reserve the right to extent this timescale due to any unforeseen circumstances.


Your diploma will be e-mailed to you after the successful completion of the course, in a PDF form.


The Wedding Crafts Academy reserves the right to cancel any of our courses due to circumstances beyond our control. In the unlikely event of course being cancelled, we will refund the enrollment fee.


Discount codes and special offers need to be redeemed at the time of making payment.


You agree that you will not discriminate other students on personal level or on their social, ethnical or religious status. You agree that you will not intimidate any other students in discussion forums or on our social media accounts and will engage in discussions with a positive constructive attitude.

Breach of our antisocial behaviour policy can result in instant removal from the training course, without a refund.


All posts on our website, as well as posts across our social media accounts are for general information and inspiration only. We cannot be held liable for any errors or spelling mistakes.

Our website, including our student area might be unavailable for short periods of time for maintenance purposes. Students will be notified by e-mail, whenever possible.


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